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Take5Yoga Chair Yoga DVD

led by Gentle Yoga Teacher, Jade Butler

For Everyone! Easy to Learn via Short Segment Format that targets upper & lower body

Series of 5-Minute Easy & Effective Yoga Stretches.

70 Minutes - Retail Price: $22.95
Limited Qty: $17.95



This DVD contains fourteen different 5 minute yoga segments. Each segment provides targeted stretches to ease stress and tension resulting from sedentary lifestyles, injuries, or long hours at the desk. Choose one or a combination of segments depending on what part of your body needs special attention.



For many people just starting off with yoga, Chair Yoga is an easy and gratifying way to get started.


Upper Body Stretches

- release tension in your neck, shoulders, arms and counteract the forward hunching posture of daily life patterns.

Back Stretches

- stretch your entire upper and lower back with full body stretches, with targeted stretches to ease pain in the lower back.

Lower Body Stretches

- enjoy beneficial gentle hip openers and leg stretches to lengthen the muscles in your legs and ease back pressure

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