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Gentle Chair Yoga - Seated Series DVD

led by 79-yrs young Gentle Yoga Teacher, Paula Montalvo

Anyone can do Yoga! Great for Seniors and the Physically Challenged

Optional Captions for the hearing impaired

50 Minutes - Retail Price: $24.95
Your Price: $19.95


If you've never done yoga before, if you think you are too old, too stiff, or not strong enough, the Gentle Chair Yoga Seated Series is the perfect way for you to obtain yoga's great health benefits. You won't need to get down on the floor. All the stretches can be done sitting in your chair. Do a little bit of yoga every day and you will feel better!

Gentle Chair Yoga Seated stretches included in this DVD:


Upper Body Stretches

- offers gentle seated movements to improve posture, breathing and spinal mobility

Hands and Arms Sequences

- counteracts arthritis symptoms by increasing mobility and range of motion for better dexterity and coordination

Lower Body Stretches

- facilitates spinal movements in all directions to strengthen the core, open the hips and release tension in the back

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