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Gentle Chair Yoga - Standing Series DVD

led by 79-yrs young Gentle Yoga Teacher, Paula Montalvo

Stay Fit and Flexible with Yoga! Great for Seniors and Midlifers!

Optional Captions for the hearing impaired

50 Minutes - Retail Price: $24.95
Your Price: $19.95


If you can stand, you can do yoga! The Gentle Chair Yoga Standing Series focuses on improving your posture and balance. Using the support of your chair, you will do poses that strengthen your muscles and bones, encourage spinal mobility and improve joint flexibility. Each pose is designed to be used with a chair for support - or you can let go and have fun!

Gentle Chair Yoga Standing stretches included in this DVD:


Back Lengthening and Strengthening

- offers traditional yoga poses such as Mountain, Triangle and Down Dog to encourage proper posture and spinal alignment

Balancing Sequences

- improves your reflexes and agility to reduce the risks of falls and accidents

Strengthening Poses

- tones muscles and strengthens bones for more confidence and stability in your every day life

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