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Gentle Flow Yoga DVD

led by Gentle Yoga Teacher, Julia Ivanovna Tanner

Release Tension, Tone & Strengthen, Stretch & Open, Balance & Focus, Rejuvenate!

Easy Gentle Flow plus Intermediate Flow Sequence & BONUS Meditation

60 Minutes - Retail Price: $34.95
Limited Qty: $29.95



If you are new to Yoga, or recovering from an injury, or think you are too old, too stiff, have an extra pound or two, or not strong enough, the Gentle Flow Yoga DVD is a perfect way to get fit and rejuvenate.

Advanced Yogis and Yoginis will enjoy the deep releases, playfulness, and guided relaxation of the Gentle Flow Yoga practice as well as the more challenging flow from the Bonus material.



Great for people of all ages to get fit and rejuvenate! Easy and gentle movements for all!



- seated movements to improve posture, breathing and spinal mobility; release tension in shoulders and neck;

Stretch & Tone

- strengthen and tone the muscles of the back, abdomen, arms and legs; open and release hips;

Restorative Poses & Guided Relaxation

- de-stress and improve the quality of your sleep; achieve greater mental focus and clarity of thought

BONUS: Intermediate Yoga Flow

- improve balance, flexibility, and posture with a full Sun Salutation Series

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