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Gentle Yoga for a Healthy Knees and Hips DVD

led by E-RYT500 Gentle Yoga Teacher, Justine Shelton

2-DVD Set! Essential Yoga Movements for Therapy and Rehabilitation of Your Joints

60 Minutes - Retail Price: $29.95
Your Price: $24.95


Bony misalignment, dysfunctional movement patterns and joint compression can all contribute to pain in the joints. The whole body is connected, so when there is dysfunction and/or asymmetry in the joints of the legs it will have an effect in other areas of the body - possibly causing pain and misalignment in the spine and shoulder girdle. Tight hips can contribute to knee dysfunction and is definitely a factor in low back pain.

Great for Athletes, Seniors, Arthritis Sufferers and Anyone suffering from limited and/or painful joint movements. These yoga stretches will help create freedom of movement in the hips and knees so that you can feel better! This 2-Set DVD series offers:


Alignment Principles

- practice these principles and counteract misalignment or dysfunction in the leg joints

Joint Stabilization

- strengthen and de-compress joints to help ease pain

Flexibility and Mobility

- lubricate joints with synovial fluid and strengthen muscles that support your joints

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