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Complete Series of Hanna Somatics Exercises

by James Knight, Certified Hanna Somatic Educator and Yoga Instructor

5-Minute Hanna Somatics exercises to help you realign your body, reduce your pain and gain the mobility you once had!

30 Minutes - Retail Price: $19.95
Your Price: $12.95



Series of Somatics exercises for the upper and lower body, plus specific exercises for athletes. Each 5-minute session focuses on different parts of the body to give you a complete and balanced exercise program.

About James:

James Knight has practiced in the field of Healing Arts for over twenty years, maintains a private practice and runs events and workshops out of his office in San Diego, California. He is certified in Core Energetics, Hanna Somatic Education, massage therapy, and yoga/meditation instruction. James continues to enjoy expanding into a broad array of healing modalities. He is continuously educating himself and bringing you the most progressive modalities in the field of Mind/Body/Spirit.


1. What is Somatics - an Introduction;
2. Easy Somatics Exercises;
3. Busting the Myth of Aging;
4. Improve your Game - Exercises for the athlete in you;
5. Reprogram your Upper Body - Exercises;
6. Reprogram your Lower Body - Exercises.

If your lifestyle has affected your posture and balance... Somatic exercises can help!


Somatics for Athletes

- counteract repetitive movements of your athletic activities - from golf, tennis, running and other sports. Learn how to improve your game!

Upper Body Somatic Exercises

- re-align your posture and find the comfort once again in your neck, shoulders, arms and upper back.

Lower Body Somatic Exercises

- obtain an understanding of the imbalances in your body, and how simple, counter-intuitive exercises can "reset" your mind/body connection.

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