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Senior Yoga

Our Gentle and Chair Yoga for Seniors DVDs are based on the personal experiences of YogaJP's lead senior yoga teachers, Mary Cavanaugh (81) and Paula Montalvo (79). Mary and Paula understand the physical and mental changes that come with age, and recorded their videos to share with others the healing benefits of yoga.

Yoga helps You remain Healthy and Active

As the body ages, muscles and joints begin to tighten which causes discomfort and anxiety about one's physical well-being. When mobility decreases, many seniors find they start moping around and some even fall into depression. Yoga can reverse these feelings by simply giving you a bit of physical progress each and every day.


Yoga gives you more Energy

Yoga can help you maintain your mental alacrity and increase your energy level. Just one yoga session can lift your spirits and brighten your day. If you have never tried yoga before, you are in for a special treat with Mary's gentle approach to Gentle Yoga for Seniors.

With Yoga with a Chair - you can do yoga!

Scared you will fall over and lose your balance trying yoga? Seniors find they can balance, strengthen and stretch more when using a chair for support. That's why Chair Yoga has become so popular for seniors and people with physical limitations. It is an easy and affective way to get all the benefits from yoga with confidence.

Gentle Yoga for Seniors DVD

Gentle Chair Yoga Seated Series DVD

Senior Chair Yoga DVD

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