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Yoga for Plus Sizes

Gentle Yoga is a supportive yoga practice, which means it meets you where you are at physically and mentally in your life. Yoga is not about being flexible, being in shape or competition - it is about balancing and improving your life energy through movement and breath.

Movement is the Magic

Most Gentle Yoga poses can be done by people of any size. It is really all about movement. Look at the way our bodies are built to move. Our ball-and-socket joints of our shoulder and hips want to be rotated. Our hinge joints of our knees, ankles, elbows and wrists want to bend. These stretches are accessible to everyone. No matter what size, weight or physical condition.


Gentle Yoga has a Pace

You will find most Gentle Yoga stretches have a pace that is a soothing and moderated by deep breathing and meditation. This relaxed focus means that even those who tend to shy away from physical activity can participate in yoga without overexerting themselves or becoming short of breath. 

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